Larry Page, becomes the Google CEO Monday.

Everything on one 'Page' no muss no fuzz? a re-startup?

(JM. 2011.04.03)



get around expensive service numbers in germany

teuere 180er Nummer umgehen.


can connect people, places and things.
The latest hype in communications?
The new killer app?
"Your office light is on since 50 Minutes"
"Your office light is on and you are not there?"
"I turned of your office light since nobody is there anymore and switched of your pc since you left the building"


Is the world finally ready for wireless M2M? Berg Insight estimates that the number of cellular network connections worldwide used for machine-to-machine communication will grow from 81.3 million connections in 2010 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32.0 percent to 294.1 million connections in 2015. In the coming years millions of motor vehicles, utility meters, consumer electronics, security alarms and other machines will become networked.

(source: www.berginsight.com)

Apple Mafia wants 30% Cut of App Subscriptions

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